June 1, 2023
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There’s a huge misconception that escort service is illegal in India. The escort service is considered immoral but it’s legal. Sex or coitus work or escort service is considered the oldest occupation in India and indeed in the 21st century, it remains impermissible. In India, a sense of morality runs high. The women involved in this profession are subordinated to social demarcation and acceptance. The major reason behind this situation is that the law remains nebulous about coitus or sex work and other conditioning related to it. Only much-affiliated conditioning like soliciting in a public place, check-crawling, retaining or managing a cathouse, an escort in a hostel, child escort, pimping, and pandering, are considered illegal.

On the other hand, escort services fall under the slate area between legal and illegal. This is because websites and agencies tend to hide between friendships to describe the service. Hence, the bobbies cannot arrest them. One can say that escort services aren’t explicitly illegal in India. furnishing a social or conversational service isn’t illegal, but taking payment for coitus or communicating for arranging a contract for sexual services is.

The escort services started in ancient times. During ancient times, the main name of this service was prostitution. But it’s illegal if carried out as an original arrangement between parties. Hence, people came up with escorts who can do it as a legal business. The primary work of these escorts was to entertain people. This practice was veritably common in Asia. Only the fat people could go to these services and were fond of educated women as they had a high position of complication. There were numerous women interested in this exertion and were called escorts.

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What is the Meaning of Escort Services?

Escort is a euphemistic term for a courtesan. They’re appertained to as a high-end coitus worker who provides further than just coitus. Technically, an escort is the one who receives compensation for spending time with a customer. Some escorts act like ladyloves or women, etc., and accompany high-profile guests. They’re trained and well-prepped so they fluently acclimate to a luxurious life. They’re more educated also and are dressed enough to give social escort services, engage in engaging discussion, and give a gal or swain experience. Since they give these redundant services, they demand advanced pay.

The compensation mentioned in this escort service is in the form of a donation. The customer agrees to pay a donation for an agreed quantum of time. In this arrangement, there’s no citation of coitus or any other sexual exertion. It’s just about the time spent with the customer. It can be for a social event or a regale date, etc. What happens between the two subscribing grown-ups during that time is between the two of them? As long as, a plutocrat for coitus or a particular coitus act isn’t a part of the discussion, the arrangement purely refers to escort services.

Escort agencies have now turned online advertising from print classifieds. Other than websites, social media is now used to solicit guests. Before filmland of escorts was posted to the customer but moment it’s done through WhatsApp and the payment is also transferred online. These all are the conditioning included in an escort service.

Escort agencies offer a range of services like Russian escort, air hostess, Spanish, Iranian, high-class, VIPs, and so on.

Are Escort Websites Legal in India?

Attendants are professionals and they need to be hired through agencies or their websites. It can be said that an escort agency is more like a virtual cathouse or a cathouse on the internet, where guests go to a particular website and bespeak their escort.

The law is silent on what constitutes escort websites as said by The Supreme Court advocate, Pavan Duggal. He refers to the Information Technology Act, 2000 and mentions that if the escort websites use language which is stag, lascivious, or prayers to prurient interests, also that website comes within the dimension of illegality.

There are certain acts in our legislation that list out the illegal conditioning done in this profession that is interdicted by the law. So, websites that don’t misbehave with the law aren’t considered legal. Some of the vittles are mentioned below –

The Indecent Representation of Women Act, 1986 prohibits the publication of any material that represents a woman indecently or derogatorily injuring public morality or morals.

Section 67 of the Information Technology Act criminalises those publications that are lascivious or that appeal to prurient interests and are innocently corrupting.

Section 8 of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 addresses the legal status of “soliciting in public”. It says that when a person solicits any person in a public place in a way offending public decency, also that person is committing a felonious offense. However, one can comfortably argue that an escort indeed solicits their guests on the internet through their profile on the website, if we look at the entire chain of events that take place in escort services. Then, the internet can be argued to be a public place or space.


Escort service isn’t explicitly illegal, though it’s declared to be unethical by the court. Only certain conduct related to it is regarded as illegal in the eyes of law. For illustration, when escort service is done in private with one’s concurrence and without previous supplication it may at times not be illegal. But running a coitus chatter is illegal. Escort on the other hand isn’t a felonious moreover. He or She has a right to give their body to anyone whomever they wish to please.

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